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Participation in The International Negotiation Competition

The International Negotiation Competition (INC) is a law student competition in which a team of two law students representing a party/client negotiates either an international transaction or the resolution of an international dispute with an opposing team of two law students.

The International Negotiation Competition is held on days between late June and early July every year. The competition is conducted only in English.

The Committee of Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition selects two excellent students based on the previous results of the competition in English section. It nominates and supports them to be the Japanese representatives at the International Negotiation competition.

Participants in the past:

  • 2018 Kyoto University
  • 2017 The University of Tokyo
  • 2016 Tohoku University
  • 2015 Kyoto University
  • 2014 Ritsumeikan University
  • 2013 Keio University

    (Write up by participants) I am privileged to have participated in the International Negotiation Competition for Law Student 2013. One of my professors, who joined this competition as a coach before, told me it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could never get otherwise, and now I’m pretty sure he was right. I learned how difficult it was to reach an agreement with opponent parties who we do not share mother tongue, customs, and way of thinking with. We needed to much more constantly make sure what the other party say, what they mean, what we’ve agreed so far, and what we need to agree in the remaining time than when we would negotiate against Japanese opponent parties. But at the same time, I learned how interesting and exciting it is to negotiate beyond these differences. We prepared more and tried to strategize better than usual for a better negotiation, or more practically, in order to make up for the language disadvantage against English native speakers. When these preparations and strategies led to a successful negotiation, it felt exciting and even uplifting.

    In addition, meeting representatives from 21 other countries itself was as good a learning experience as the negotiations. We got to know some of the top law students in each participating country, who I believe will be our potential business or transaction partners in the future, and discussed many kinds of topics not limited to law. I am sure the exposure I got through this competition will help me a lot build a good and cooperative relationships when I actually start practice.

    Takuro Miyahara, Japan
  • 2012 Doshisha University
  • 2011 Osaka University
  • 2010 Hitotsubashi University
  • 2009 Hitotsubashi University
  • 2008 Doshisha University
  • 2007 Hitotsubashi University
  • 2006 The University of Tokyo

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