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The 1th ( 1 )


November 16 and 17, 2002
Sophia University
7-1 Kioi-Cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-8554 Japan
•The problem will concern the resolution of a dispute between a Japanese maker and American Printing Company about the sale of a digital printer. Each University will be in charge of either company.
•Round A will consist of a negotiation in order to resolve the above problem whilst Round B will be an arbitration session to attempt to resolve the above problem. The Arbitration will judged by an arbitrator

•Round A
Achieving a complete result will be certainly difficult and achieving a partial resolution will certainly be a good result. The negotiation will also involve a time to resolve how to best to spend the three hours of negotiation.

•Round B
Acting as a professional arbitrator in an actual international arbitration will require a balanced and even presentation
•Participants ? President or a CEO、Vice President、Legal director and assistants、Management director and assistants and lawyers. Each team will be required to gain the most desired outcome for their company
•There will be Japanese and English sections
All deadlines are based on Japanese standard time (GMT+9)

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