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About a convention this year

The 23rd (2024) Competition


November 16 and 17, 2024
Sophia University and Online (with ZOOM)
<Day1/November 16>
12:00-12:45  Staff and Judge Meeting
13:00-13:45  Opening Ceremony
14:00-18:00  Round A (Arbitration)
18:00-18:30  Evaluation
18:30-20:00  Exchange Event

<Day2/November 17>
11:00-11:45  Staff and Judge Meeting
12:00-15:45  Round B (Negotiation)
15:45-16:30  Evaluation
17:00-18:30  Closing Ceremony

*The schedule is subject to change.
Judge Meeting
Preliminary Meeting for Judges: October 26 (Sat)
Septemer 16 (Monday): Online Briefing session for participants (the Steering Committee will explain the details and rules of the 23ed competition)
Detail will be announced later. Please ask to the Steering Committee for the URL to join the online briefing session.

September 17 (Tuesday): Release of the Problem, Rules, and Registration Details
October 4 (Friday) 15:00 JST: 1st deadline for clarification questions
October 11 (Friday) 15:00JST: Registration deadline
October 14 (Monday): Release of the match table and confidential information for Round B
October 18 (Friday) 15:00 JST: 2nd deadline for clarification questions
November 6 (Wednesday) Noon JST: Deadline for submission of Preliminary Memorandum for Round A
November 12 (Tuesday) Noon JST: Deadline for submission of Counter-Argument for Round A and memorandum for Round B

*The Schedule is subject to change.
All Deadlines are based on Japanese standard time (GMT+9).

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